The State

Show Type: Comedy


Produced: 1993-1995

Premiered: December 17, 1993


Kevin Allison

Michael Ian Black

Ben Garant

Todd Holoubek

Michael Patrick Jann

Kerri Kenney

Thomas Lennon

Joe Lo Truglio

Ken Marino

Michael Showalter

David Wain


Some say America wasn't exactly ready for The State, an elaborately produced sketch-type comedy series satirizing TV shows, movies, forgetful parents, baby-sitters and even MTV itself.

One stand-out sketch was called "Porcupine Racetrack," a send-up of big Hollywood musicals (like "Guys & Dolls" crossed with "My Fair Lady"), complete with hilarious, tuneful and even touching songs.

What made The State different from a lot of sketch comedy groups is that they always treated their targets with respect and rarely went for just the cheap laugh. Sometimes the jokes required a bit of thought to be fully appreciated, but that is one of the elements that made this show appealing to both young and old.

The comedy was primarily from a younger adult point of view and often had a sexual edge to it. The original group was made up of New York University students.

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