Surfside Six

Show Type: Detective Drama

First Telecast: October 3, 1960

Last Telecast: September 24, 1962


Ken Madison..... Van Williams

Dave Thorne..... Lee Patterson

Sandy Winfield - II..... Troy Donahue

Daphne Dutton..... Diane McBain

Cha Cha O'Brien..... Margarita Sierra

Lieutenant Snedigar (1960-1961)..... Donald Barry

Lieutenant Gene Plehan (1961-1962)..... Richard Crane

Mousie..... Mousie Garner


With the success of 77 Sunset Strip, Warner Brothers and its network tried a series of carbon-copies. Surfside Six was just one of them. Like 77, it had a sexy trio of private detectives: Ken, Dave and Sandy. They lived in the very exciting city of Miami, and, they spent a lot of time with beautiful women.

Surfside Six was the Miami telephone exchange that included the number of the houseboat that was both home and office to the detectives. Anchored next to it was the yacht of silly socialite Daphne Dutton, and across from it was the fabulous Fountainebleau Hotel, where Cha Cha worked as an entertainer in the Boom Boom Room.

Detective Ken Madison came from another private-eye show that had been aired in the same time slot during the previous season - Bourbon Street Beat. His Bourbon Street partner, Rex Randolph, landed another job too - he joined the cast on 77 Sunset Strip.

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