Sword Of Justice

Show Type: Adventure

First Telecast: September 10, 1978

Last Telecast: August 11, 1979


Jack Cole..... Dack Rambo

Hector Ramirez..... Bert Rosario

Arthur Woods..... Alex Courtney

Buckner..... Colby Chester


Jack Cole was an avenger out to fight crime in both public and private places. A Park Avenue playboy, and heir to a great industrial fortune, he had suddenly been snatched from his jet-set lifestyle and thrown into prison after being set up on embezzlement charges after his father's death.

While behind bars, he learned the criminal skills of the trade: lock picking and telephone bugging, just to name two. When he was released, he was determined to use these skills against the white-collar criminals who had framed him. He resumed his playboy ways - but only as a front for his night time crime-busting. Jack's sign: a playing card.

Helping Jack was: Hector, his wise-cracking ex-cellmate; Arthur Woods, a former Cole family attorney who was now part of a government task force fighting high-level crime and Federal Agent Buckner.

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