Tales Of The Gold Monkey

Show Type: Adventure

First Telecast: September 22, 1982

Last Telecast: July 6, 1983


Jake Cutter..... Stephen Collins

Corky..... Jeff MacKay

Sarah Stickney White..... Caitlin O'Heaney

Bon Chance Louis..... Roddy McDowall

Reverend Willie Tenboom..... John Calvin

Princess Koji..... Marta DuBois

Todo..... John Fujioka

In 1938, in the tropical setting of the Marivella Islands in the South Pacific, spies and con-artists of many nationalities were found throughout the islands, especially in the port of Boragora. Their main meeting place was the elegant Monkey Bar, filled with wood carvings, piano music and hush-hush information. Everyone in the bar seemed to have a mysterious past, including Jake Cutter, whose worn leather flight jacket sported a Flying Tigers patch.

Jake was an American soldier of fortune and pilot with a dry sense of humor, whose beat-up seaplane, a Grumman Goose, provided the only inter-island air transportation. Jake set out on a new adventure each week recovering stolen treasure, rescuing kidnapped tourists and foiling the German and Japanese spies who infested the islands.

Jake had two sidekicks: his loyal but always drunk mechanic, Corky, and a one-eyed terrier named Jack (whose glass eye Jake had gambled away!) Jakes' friend, roguish Bon Chance Louis, was the French Magistrate in Boragora and owner of the Monkey Bar. Sarah was the American singer at the bar, whose attraction to Jake kept getting in the way of her real job - she was an American agent who was sent over to keep an eye on things on the islands.

Other cast members included: Rev. Willie Tenboom, a pompous Dutch minister who was really a German spy; Princess Koji, a beautiful Dragon Lady who operated a large fleet of trading ships at Matuka in the Japanese part of the island chain and Todo, the fierce Samurai commander of the Princess' private army.

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