Tales From The Crypt

Show Type: Horror Anthology

First Telecast: January 22, 1994

Last Telecast: July 14, 1995


The Cryptkeeper..... John Kassir

Tales From The Crypt was a ghoulish anthology series featuring a wide range of stores that often had gruesome surprise endings. Hosting the show was The Cryptkeeper, a talking skeleton with an evil sense of humor.

Although most of the actors appearing were not well known at the time, some episodes did showcase more familiar faces. Among them were: Demi Moore, Christopher Reeve, Teri Garr, Beau Bridges, Harry Anderson, Priscilla Presley, Donald O'Connor, Don Rickles, Martin Sheen, Margot Kidder, Joe Pesci and Bruce Boxleitner.

The first three Tales From The Crypt episodes, adapted from the EC horror comic books of the 1950's, had aired as a trilogy on HBO on June 10, 1989, and new episodes continued to be produced for the cable network while reruns of older episodes aired on Fox.

A total of 93 half hours were produced for HBO, with the last original episode premiering on July 19, 1996. In addition, there was an animated Tales From The Cryptkeeper that aired Saturday mornings on ABC from September 1993 to July 1995.

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