Temple Houston

Show Type: Western

First Telecast: September 19, 1963

Last Telecast: September 10, 1964


Temple Houston..... Jeffrey Hunter

George Taggart..... Jack Elam


Temple Houston travelled the circuit courts in the Southwest during the 1880's. He was a handsome attorney and son of Texas immortal Sam Houston. Temple found his clients, both civil and criminal, wherever the circuit court happened to be in session.

In spite of being a lawyer, he was also a very good fast-shooting gunman. His appearance was one of elegance and his vocal skills were renowned throughout the Southwest.

Also travelling with the circuit court was an itinerant U.S. Marshal and over-the-hill gunfighter, George Taggart. Taggart hired himself to local towns and was either friend or enemy to Houston, depending on Temple's clients.

The real-life Temple Houston was a combination of both Bat Masterson and Billy the Kid and was known to have participated in shooting matches with them.

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