Thunder In Paradise

Show Type: Adventure

Syndication Only

Produced: 1993-1994 (22 episodes)

Released: March, 1994


Randolph "Hurricane" J. Spencer..... Terry "Hulk" Hogan

Martin "Bru" Brubaker..... Chris Lemmon

Thunder Voice..... Russ Wheeler

Kelly LaRue..... Carol Alt

Edward Whitaker..... Patrick Macnee

Megan Irene Whitaker Spencer (Pilot Episode Only)..... Felicity Waterman

Jessica Whitaker (Pilot Episode Only)..... Robin Weisman

Jessica Whitaker Spencer (age 9)..... Ashley Gorrell

Trelawni (D.J. Moran)..... Kiki Shepard

Jimmy..... Jimmy Hart

Allison Wilson..... Heidi Mark

Brutus..... Ed "Brutus Beefcake" Leslie

Kowalski..... Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart

Adam "Hammerhead" McCall..... Steve "Sting" Borden

Kristen / T.C. ..... Tai Collins


Thunder In Paradise was filmed on location in Florida at Epcot Center. The Disney Grand Floridian Beach Resort was used as The Paradise Beach Resort.

In the pilot episode, Megan Whitaker married Hurricane Spencer to keep the Paradise Beach Hotel out of the hands of her Uncle Edward. She was forced to get married fast to honor a clause in her father's will. As for Spencer, he needed money to bail out his debt-ridden Thunder - a super-high-tech boat he had built as a prototype to sell to the military (he saw the marriage as a business deal.)

Between the pilot and the first regular episode, Megan died in a car accident, leaving Spencer alone to raise her young daughter, Jessica, who adored him. Megan's Uncle Edward fought with Spencer over control of the hotel and for custody of Jessica. After much battling, he finally agreed to let Spencer adopt Jessica in exchange for control of the hotel - which Jessica would inherit when she turned 21.

Spencer loved action and adventure. He took on various jobs for the Navy and other military outfits with the help of his best friend Bru, whom he had served with as a Navy SEAL in Vietnam.

For $5,000 a day + expenses, clients got the two experts and Thunder, with its amazing high speed, loads of high-tech computer equipment, missile launcher, computer-controlled anti-theft system that gave unwanted intruders the shock of their lives and its stealth system that made it virtually undetectable on radar or sonar.

Also seen on a regular basis were Kelly, who wanted to be a sculptor but worked as a bartender at the Scuttlebutt Bar & Grill and Trelawni, a native girl who helped out at the bar, but who was actually in the witness protection program after testifying in a murder trial in Detroit.

Several of Hulk Hogan's wrestling buddies were on hand in minor roles including Brutus Beefcake & The Anvil. Sting showed up in several episodes as a former Navy SEAL gone bad.

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