To Close For Comfort

Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: November 11, 1980

Last Telecast: September 15, 1983


Henry Rush..... Ted Knight

Muriel Rush..... Nancy Dussault

Jackie Rush (1980-1985)..... Deborah Van Valkenburgh

Sara Rush (1980-1985)..... Lydia Cornell

Arthur Wainwright (1981)..... Hamilton Camp

Monroe Ficus..... J.M. J. Bullock

Mildred Rafkin (1980-1982)..... Selma Diamond

April Rush (1981-1982)..... Deena Freeman

Iris Martin (1982-1983)..... Audrey Meadows

April Rush (1981-1982)..... Deena Freeman

Iris Martin (1982-1983)..... Audrey Meadows

Brad Turner (1982-1983)..... Jordan Suffin

Andrew Rush (1983-1984)..... William Thomas Cannon

Andrew Rush (1983-1984)..... Michael Philip Cannon

Andrew Rush (1984-1986)..... Joshua Goodwin

Lisa Flores (1986)..... Lisa Antille

Hope Stinson (1986)..... Pat Carroll


Based on the British series, Keep It In The Family, Too Close For Comfort centered around Henry Rush, a middle-aged, conservative and very orderly professional illustrator. His biggest regret was that many years before he had gotten caught up in doing a kids cartoon called "Cosmic Cow" and now it was ruling his entire life. His second greatest regret was that his two grown daughters had talked him into letting them live in the downstairs apartment of his two-apartment San Francisco town house.

Jackie, the brunette, worked at a bank and Sara, the blonde, was a freshman at San Francisco State College. Among the other cast members who came and went were: Muriel, Henry's independent, understanding wife who had once been a band singer and now was a successful free-lance photographer; Mr. Wainwright, Henry's publisher; Monroe, Sara's flaky student friend who caused many problems for Henry on a daily basis and Henry's hand puppet from which he got inspiration for his comic strip and a sympathetic "ear" about his daughters' problems. Appearing occasionally was Mildred Rafkin, the sister of the former tenant downstairs in his building.

The second and third season changes were abundant. A couple memorable events included the arrival of April, Henry's hippie niece from Delaware, who stayed with the family for a year and Muriel's pregnancy at age 42, resulting in the birth of a son, Andrew. Also arriving in 1982 were Muriel's nagging mother, Iris, who added much grief to Henry's life and Jackie's fiancÚ, policeman, Brad Turner.

Too Close For Comfort continued in production after being cancelled by ABC in 1983, with the new episodes offered to local stations in syndication only. The title was changed to The Ted Knight Show and the format was also changed as well. Henry had purchased 49% of a weekly newspaper, The Marin Bugler, and he, Muriel and Andrew had moved to a new home in Mill Valley, north of San Francisco, to be close to his new place of employment. Monroe, who had worked as a security guard after college, was still around attempting to help out at the Bugler, but Sara and Jackie were off on their own after being dropped from the cast.

New to the cast was were the Rushes' housekeeper, Lisa and the publisher of the Bugler, Mrs. Stinson. She still owned 51% and loved her editorial disputes with her new editor and partner Henry!

The Ted Knight Show was scheduled to go into its second season of production when its star, Ted Knight, who had been sick with complications from cancer for several months, passed away during the summer of 1986.

ABC aired reruns of Too Close For Comfort on weekday mornings from June to September, 1983.

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