Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: October 14, 1953

Last Telecast: October 14, 1956


Marion Kerby..... Anne Jeffreys

George Kerby..... Robert Sterling

Cosmo Topper..... Leo G. Carroll

Henrietta Topper..... Lee Patrick

Katie, the Maid (1953-1954)..... Kathleen Freeman

Mr. Schuyler..... Thurston Hall

Maggie, the Cook (1954-1955)..... Edna Skinner


George and Marion Kerby were on a ski vacation in Europe when they were trapped in an avalanche along with their would-be rescuer, a St. Bernard named Neil. All three of them ultimately died - only to return as ghosts to haunt their former house which was now occupied by banker Cosmo Topper!

Marion and George developed a fond attraction for the very proper Mr. Topper, but felt he needed to be a little less stuffy. They did everything in their powers to help Cosmo loosen up. Between their antics and the wanderings of Neil, who had a taste for oversized, brim-filled brandy snifters, life in the Topper house was very chaotic!

Topper was based on characters created by novelist Thorne Smith. These characters also appeared in a series of movies. The one TV cast member that had not appeared in Mr. Smith's novels or the movies was Neil the St. Bernard. In the original story, the Kerby's died in an automobile accident, not whilst skiing and their was no dog with them at that time.

After two seasons on CBS, the show was cancelled only to show up in reruns for a full season on ABC and a summer on NBC.

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