The Van Dyke Show

  • Show Type: Sitcom
  • First Telecast: October 26, 1988
  • Last Telecast: December 7, 1988

  • Cast

  • Dick Burgess..... Dick Van Dyke
  • Matt Burgess..... Barry Van Dyke
  • Chris Burgess..... Kari Lizer
  • Noah Burgess (age 7)..... Billy O'Sullivan
  • Doc Sterling..... Whitman Mayo
  • Jillian Ryan..... Maura Tierney
  • Eric Olander..... Paul Scherrer


    Trying to make a success of the small theatre he was running in rural Pennsylvania was not easy for Matt Burgess. When his dad, Broadway musical star Dick Burgess, decided to give up the Great White Way to live and work with Matt and get to know his family, things didn't get much easier. Dick was a big audience draw, but both men were proud and stubborn and comically disagreed about everything, especially when it came to the theatre - staging, casting and choice of plays. Matt's wife, Chris, wa usually around to keep things from getting totally out of control.

    Featured members of the theatre's staff were: Doc, the ancient stage manager with an encyclopedic knowledge of theatrical trivia; Jillian, Matt's secretary and Eric, Matt's enthusiastic young assistant.

    This short-lived series gave real-life father and son Dick and Barry their first chance to work together professionally.

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