Vinnie & Bobby

Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: May 30, 1992

Last Telecast: September 5, 1992


Vinnie Verducci..... Matt Le Blanc

Bobby Grazzo..... Robert Torti

William Melvin "Bill" Belli..... John Pinette

Mona..... Joey Adams

Stanley..... Ron Taylor

Fred Slacker..... Fred Stoller

Winnie, the Mail Lady..... Sharyn Leavitt

Casey..... Colleen Morris

Carl Sweetwater..... Vidal Peterson

In this spinoff from Top of the Heap, Vinnie Verducci was no longer living with his social-climbing dad. He was still in the same run-down apartment but was now living with his freeloading childhood friend, Bobby.

Vinnie, a construction worker, wanted to make something more of his life and was taking night courses at the Dick Butkus Community College in Chicago. Bobby, a lazy, obnoxious guy who thought he was God's gift to women, was forever taking advantage of his best friend.

Mona was the teenager who lived in Vinnie's building and had the hots for him. Bill, Stanley, Fred and Casey were his fellow construction workers and Carl was Mona's nerdy boyfriend.

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