Show Type: Western

Produced: 1951-1958 (113 episodes)

Released: April, 1951

Syndication and network daytime - 30 minutes


Marshal James Butler Hickok..... Guy Madison

Jingles..... Andy Devine


"James Butler Hickok, mister," the hero announced. Whereupon his fat sidekick, Jingles, would pipe up in his shrill, raspy voice, "That's Wild Bill Hickok, mister! The bravest, strongest, fightingest U.S. Marshal in the whole West!" It was just as well that Jingles kept filling people in, because Guy Madison, the star of this early oater, was so handsome he might otherwise have been mistaken for a Hollywood matinee idol (which, in fact, he was!).

Good looks aside, Wild Bill could beat up on the baddies with the best of them, while his 300-pound companion added comic relief and not a little serious help at times. Despite his girth and blundering manor, Jingles was good at disguises. Buckshot was Wild Bill's horse, while  Jingles' suffering steed was named Joker.

There was a real Wild Bill Hickok in the 1800's, who was variously a Pony Express rider, Union scout during the Civil War, scout for Colonel Custer, and Marshal of Abilene, Kansas. He did not look like a matinee idol.

Begun as a syndicated program for local broadcast, Wild Bill Hickok was also seen on CBS from 1955-1958 and on ABC from 1957-1958, in the daytime or late afternoon. There was a concurrent radio version on Mutual from 1951-1956, also starring Madison and Devine.