The X-Files

Show Type: Fantasy Drama

First Telecast: September 10, 1993

Last Telecast: Still on the air


Fox Mulder..... David Duchovny

Dana Scully..... Gillian Anderson

Deep Throat (1993-1994)..... Jerry Hardin

Assistant Director Walter Skinner (1994-Present)..... Mitch Pileggi

Mr. X (1994-Present)..... Steven Williams

Mulder and Scully are FBI agents charged with investigating unsolved cases categorized as "X-Files" by the bureau - those that deal with phenomena and situations that defy conventional explanations. They investigate UFO sightings, genetically altered beings, telepaths, aliens, a mutant that surfaced from a cocoon every 30 years to kill people, evil children resulting from cloneing, people with telekinetic powers and a man-sized parasite living in Newark, New Jersey sewers. Mulder, whose sister had been the victim of an alien abduction, is the true believer while Scully, trained in medicine and the physical sciences, is the skeptic.

The X-Files suggested that there are secret government agencies engaged in research that the general public doesn't know about and/or they are hiding the truth about extraterrestrial discoveries.

In the last episode of 1993-1994, Deep Throat, their mysterious source of information about the government conspiracy, was killed by agents intent on reclaiming the bottled remains of a tiny alien used to generate biologic mutation in human guinea pigs.

At the start of the second season, The X-Files investigative unit had been put to rest and Mulder and Scully had been reassigned - he on regular investigations monitoring wiretaps and she teaching forensics at the FBI academy in Quantico, Virginia. Mulder scoffed at the reassignment and was still chasing UFO's when Mr. X, a new mystery "friend of the FBI," surfaced.

In a two-part episode, Scully was abducted by aliens and, with indications that a covert government operation was involved, Mulder got his boss to reopen the X-Files unit and allow him to work on them alone. She was returned, after having suffered some physical harm, and went back to work with Mulder after she recovered.

The X-Files is a cult hit with viewers who either believe there is indeed a government cover-up or just love the scary, spooky, moody special effects of the well-produced series. Ironically, in March 1995, a TV Guide article on The X-Files, David Duchovny admitted that he didn't believe in UFO's while Gillian Anderson said she believed they were real!

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