Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: August 5, 1977

Last Telecast: September 4, 1977

Executive Producer: Norman Lear

Music Supervisor: Don Kirshner

Broadcast History:

August 1977, Fridays 8:00-8:30 on CBS

August 1977-September 1977, Sundays 8:30-9:00 on CBS


Greg..... Greg Evigan

Paul..... Paul Shaffer

Frederick J. Hanover..... Gabriel Dell

Miss Worley..... Priscilla Morrill

Trish..... Julie Cobb

Grandma Belle Durbin..... Nedra Volz


This summer series, long delayed in getting on the air because of production and conceptual problems (it was originally supposed to premiere in January, with a completely different cast) was about two young rock musicians in search of fame and fortune. Greg and Paul moved to Hollywood from their home in Boise, Idaho and were looking for an agent to help them get their big break. The promoter they found was Frederick J. Hanover, renowned for discovering and creating pop music stars. He offered them the chance at stardom, but there was one little catch. Hanover was the son of the Devil and, in exchange for this year as pop music superstars, Greg and Paul would have to sign away their souls. Hanover gave them tastes of what their "year at the top" could be like, and tried various ways of tempting them to sign the contract, but circumstances and misgivings on Greg and Paul's part prevented it from happening, at least in the five weeks that A Year at the Top ran.