Show Type: Drama

First Telecast: August 24, 1987

Last Telecast: April 20, 1988

Broadcast History:

August 1987-September 1987, Mondays 9:00-11:00 on NBC

September 1987-February 1988, Wednesdays 9:00-10:00 on NBC

March 1988, Wednesdays 10:00-11:00 on NBC

April 1988, Wednesdays 9:00-10:00 on NBC


Joe Gardner..... Richard Kiley

Anne Gardner Maxwell..... Wendy Phillips

David Sisk..... Trey Ames

Sunny Sisk..... Amanda Peterson

Lindley Gardner Eisenberg..... Jayne Atkinson

Jim Eisenberg..... Adam Arkin

Jack Gardner..... Morgan Stevens

Sam Gardner..... David Oliver

Kay Ericson Gardner..... Sarah Jessica Parker

Dr. Alice Foley..... Diana Muldaur


This warm, family drama, a spin-off from the acclaimed December 1986, mini-series of the same name, sensitively explored the lives of three generations of a large, prosperous Seattle family. Joe Gardner was the patriarch, a strong-willed but basically decent man who had grown up during the Depression (the kids were never allowed to forget it!) and built the family's successful plastics business. In the mini-series, the death of his wife had brought his four grown children back together, despite their various problems. Anne, 35, was an ex-hippie, who had been shattered by the failure of her second marriage and had moved back into the house with her two teenage children (David and Sunny) from her first marriage. Daughter Lindley, 31, was struggling to balance her career as a sales representative for Gardner Plastics with being a mother to her new baby, Ruthie, and wife to amiable patent attorney Jim. Jack, 30, was the black sheep of the family, a rebellious drifter still trying to "find himself" - to the disgust of his father. And Sam, 24, was a handsome, conservative preppie-type who had inexplicably married the flighty, free-spirited Kay; he also worked for the family firm and lived in the guest house while saving for a home of his own.

Stories revolved around the tears and joys of these marriages and family relationships. Alice was Joe's on-again, off-again romantic interest.