The Young Rebels

Show Type: Adventure

First Telecast: September 20, 1970

Last Telecast: January 3, 1971


Jeremy Larkin..... Rick Ely

Isak Poole..... Louis Gossett, Jr.

Henry Abington..... Alex Henteloff

Elizabeth Coates..... Hilary Thompson

General Marquis de Lafayette..... Philippe Forquet


This series was aimed at the rebellious youth of the late 1960's and early 1970's and tried to get them to relate to the American Revolution.

Jeremy, Isak, Henry and Elizabeth were all members of the fictional Yankee Doodle Society based in Chester, Pennsylvania in 1777. Their goal was to harass the British behind their lines, overturn the system of British rule, and to serve as spies for the American forces.

The four young rebels consisted of: Jeremy, the long-haired leader of the group and son of the towns' Mayor; Elizabeth, his teenage girlfriend and assistant; Isak, an ex-slave and Henry, the brainy one of the bunch. Henry greatly admired Benjamin Franklin and even looked a lot like him with his calm demeanor and tiny spectacles on the end of his nose.

General Lafayette, the 20-year-old French nobleman who had come to help the rebels, was a valuable ally and various other young patriots helped serve the rebels in assorted storylines.

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